Apps for Artsy Effects part 1

This is part 1 of some of my most used apps for digital art effects, painting and photo manipulation.  These will be apps for iPhone, Ipad or both. Some of them have Android but the truth is the best apps and the majority of apps for good artistic effects are predominantly

These apps for  iPhone, Ipad or both. Some of them have for the Android platform. But the truth is that the best apps and the majority of apps for good artistic effects are predominantly iPhone apps.

Today apps are a huge part of my creative process. Why?

  • I don’t need to be on the computer to create.
  • I can create anywhere.
  • Many apps create more powerful effects than filters in Photoshop can ever create. The technology is so good now that in my opinion, some filters in photoshop are not there yet.
  • They are much cheaper than plugins: Many plugins that can create really powerful painting effects are expensive. If you add up it’s a lot of money to spend with plugins. Plugins can have many problems also especially when Photoshop have updates. You can just use plugins with your computer.
  • If you use Photoshop Elements apps can create effects that would be difficult with Photoshop Elements for the fact that PSE doesn’t have some capabilities that PS has.
  • There are actions but I’ve stopped buying them after many of them started to stop working and with most actions is hard to get customer service. Most actions also are for Photoshop – English language so if you dont live in USA actions would not work.


The advantage of apps for Artsy scrapbookers is great because they’ll take your layouts to the next level in digital artistry.

Let’s talk about the apps I selected in this first part (Ps tutorials are coming for this apps)

  • iColorama – this is my favorite app is great, powerful but really complex.  The thing with iColorama is to play with it and experiment and be ok with frustrations. You can do pretty much everything that all other apps do with it. You can find tutorials but usually from people that use the same techniques or do just photo composition and are not thinking in combining the pictures with other elements like we do.
  • Distress Fx – Great apps for textures it has 2 layers of textures you can apply
  • Stackables – Another great one for textures but also has masks, filter and you can use layers to stack things.
  • Metabrush is a photo paint app from the same maker of iColorama but it’s just for iPad.
  • Repix is a great app as well that modifies the picture’s pixels. My only complain is that doenst have in a high res.
  • Pics Art – This app is really good it has layers capabilities, collage, texture, picture painting effects so many things and it has for Android. My only complaint is that asd well reduce the size of the pictures.

I made a printable guide for you that you can print and read more about them.

Here is a collection of some effects you can do with them but this is just the small fraction.

This fall I’ll be doing many tutorials how can you use them to improve your artsy pages and also how you can create whole pages with apps.

Make sure to join my group where I already have one  iColorama tutorial so far. Just go to videos on the left menu.

Here are some samples :

Slide 5
Slide 5
Slide 6
Slide 6








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