Digital Scrapbooking: All About Clipping Masks Tutorial

In our beginner series, I wanted to talk about an essential tool in digital scrapbooking: Clipping Masks.

Clipping Masks helps you to get a picture, photo or anything you’re working with to clip to a shape (mask) that you want.

From there we can create many extensions and play with advanced techniques. Clipping masks are the core to a good start of a great digital artsy page.

Some examples:

2worlds digital scrapbooking page

Clipping Masks that are soft or watercolor masks they help you create great blending if that is what you to accomplish.

digital scrapbook frame

Clipping Masks also helps you to use fixed shapes like frames.

In this tutorial that I did at my Facebook Page I’ll show you in detail how to use them. At my group, I also showed a technique how to create a clipping mask from a blank layer.

How to get the worksheet that goes together with this tutorial:

Go to this link>>>  TYPE: masks  (this is just for Facebook )

If you want to receive Facebook messages notifying you of live tutorials

Go to this link>>> TYPE: live  (this is just for Facebook )

I hope that if you’re getting started and want to learn more about digital scrapbooking these tutorials are helping you and remember: everyone is creative. If you want to learn artsy digital scrapbooking I’m here to help.

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