Digital Canvas Video Tutorial

I have for you a speed video tutorial : Canvas Paint.

Oscraps was having a challenge as part of the birthday celebration called: Wall art. There were some nice submissions. Canvas Painting is something I want to create moreĀ and find my paint style.

Canvas Painting is something I want to create more time to do more. I get very inspired by the work of Flora Bowley that paints abstract paint. I definitely want to do more videos and creations about that.

This was my final page

canvas art digital painting

Here’s a link to everything I used at my gallery at Oscraps here.

Now more than never we have the ability to play with paint and brushes in photoshop.

They look more real than never. Styles also are the key for your art paint to look realistic.

The beauty with digital paint is that you don’t have to be afraid to try there is always the undo button.


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