I’m so excited do share that I was invited to join the team at GetitScrapped !!

I’ve been a member to the site for a long long time, when I started to take my scrapbook more serious I wanted really to learn how to do better pages but all the classes I would find or content was about using products rather than design. At Get it Scrapped I found my path to learn and grow as scrapbooker and artist.

Another great thing about get it scrapped is the great free classes right now there is a free class called Confident Designer.

Get it scrapped has both digi and paper  members because after all design is design, but all of us participate there together. There is a awesome open gallery and a very helping and friendly forum so if you are looking for a place to support no matter digi or paper we all stay there together.

There is also a live crop for paper and digi once a month. I love online crops !

Take a look at the awesome blog and the great content.

Join us in the forum

Read more about Get it Scrapped

And check it out the team 😀



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