Art Journal Download + Video

I did this art journal page at my Instagram it’s a small 5×7 background I had made previously already.

This was more like a hybrid Art Journal.

What is Hybrid Art Journal?

I didn’t do the art journaling from scratch most prices are printables and pre-made elements like the angel.

Why this hybrid?

These  are the reason I like hybrid art journaling so much:

  • Saves money: I used to have all kinds of paints and all kind of tools possible to create art journaling and hybrid most pieces are printables so they are on your computer.
  • Saves space: I used to live in apt and I didn’t have space now most materials are inside a drawer.
  • I can keep favorites: I have mostly watercolor and some posca pens and gelatos. And a shoe container with paints that’s it.
  • I don’t have to spend time creating backgrounds: with hybrid art journaling, you have a painted look but not the work.


I’ve used here some printables from NBK Design check them here,  the butterflies from i-heart studio.

Another website that I like to get art journaling printables is from Roben-Marie her printables are called pop art.

Here is the finished Art Journal Page I did :

artjournal angel hybrid

Here is the video


I included in the download a printable page and a png file for digital projects as well.



If you would like another printable art journal, I have this freebie for you signing up for my newsletter:

art journal girls freebie


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