Free Guide: Tools for Digital Scrapbooking.

Digital Scrapbooking can seem overwhelming if you are new to this and if you are a paper scrapbooker who wants to try digi.

I prepared this slide to help you to know the essentials. These things are the things I use in my own scrapbooking, but because  I teach I have both programs: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. I started my own scrapbooking with full Photoshop and to me, I see made a huge difference.

I started my own scrapbooking with full Photoshop and to me, I see it made a huge difference.

Photoshop Elements it’s a powerful program so don’t think you have to start with full Photoshop if this is new for you. Adobe created Photoshop Elements thinking about people that wanted to do simple photo manipulations, I guess they never thought it would have the use that has today with digital Scrapbookers.

It’s totally possible to do Artsy Digital scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements.

What are the essential tools?

  • Cloud Storage: The most common are dropbox and google Drive.
  • External hard drive is a must because you need that not just to do your regular backup and to use day to day. In my case, I have all my digital supplies on an external hard drive that I have connected to my computer all times. And 2 other ones for storage. All of them are from WD one of them is wireless that I do backup and one that I connect to do a manual backup.
  • Tablets for sure help you if you start with that than a mouse. A mouse is not just bad for your shoulder but to use brushes and paint in photoshop. Also to write, to make marks and doodles is an essential tool. Today Wacom has very affordable prices with their beginner’s line Intuos Art. I will be talking more about tablets.
  • An Organizer is a must if you like to tag and use keywords I use Adobe Bridge many people use ACDsee. I don’t tag my supplies I organize them with folders by designers and stores.

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