Hi everyone

I’m so happy to announce that I was accepted as part of the CT Team for Lynn Grieveson I was always a fan but because she was part of a store that I didn’t buy from I didn’t have access to her things.

But now she is at the Lilypad !!   I decided to apply to her team and she graciously accepted me .

I got really inspired by the beautiful things she has so far I think she appeals to artsy scrappers like me and layered more traditional ones and she has that hint of vintage which gives a totally different flair.

If you want to try her designs there is a 50% sale going on at the LLP for SOSN (Something old and Something new).

She has this adorable kit called Igloo on sale.


Mess with Ink


Also she has more 2more  kits you can see all here

The page feature I made with

Walden Kit and SpringBoard 1 Template and

Little Butterfly wings Remember this



Lynn Grieveson

Spring Board Template 1

Igloo Kit 

Messing with Ink Brushes

Bergen Kit


I’m starting to prepare the freebie for my next newsletter coming up stay tuned.

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