Dynamic Brushes in Photoshop Elements 


I think a great way to start digital artsy scrapbooking is learning what you need to do once you have supplies, as part of my beginners series I have for you this new tutorial.

Dynamic Brushes are my favorite kind of brushes and sometimes beginners may think they are loaded differently but here you can check it’s very simple.

My favorite ones are from NBK Design chekc it all here  and here .

Here I’m using Photoshop Elements 2014. I know when you want to learn digital it can be really overwhelming and I know from past experience that breaking down steps really help.

Just take one step at a time 

If you have any particular problem you are struggling with let me know, don’t let that stop you from creating.


Enjoy the video






Disclaimer : I have access to NBK Design brushes as part of her Creative Team.

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