I hope to come back more to discuss with my fellow bloggers interesting topics related to art and journaling that sometimes get into my mind and I can’t let it go and since this is my blog I thought : what a better place to express my thoughts and opinions.


It’s my believe many of us get frustrated and upset and sometimes give up our craft for trying to imitate something that is not yours to begin with. It’s not sometimes intentional but our ego trying to put us down on our quest to find our own style. Because specially in drawing you can try to copy but because that is your hand and your brain you can never exactly copy anyone. Of course if you are photocopying and selling as yours than yes : it’s copying.

My point is that as scrapbookers or crafters instead of many times looking to people we admire and in what can I learn from them to gift my own way, we create a illusion that we want to make pages or art just like they do. But we forget many times how long they are doing it, or how long they were  practicing learning etc. Also what is their final intent . Which is maybe different than your intent as a hobbyist or crafter or a person that just want to document your stories.

So we see people that do amazing scrapbook digital blended pages, great ! Than you want to learn how they do that but instead of trying to learn technical things in photoshop you can do that or what photoshop offers as a tool or any other software. We try to learn 100% steps of how that person did that and then re create their page. Which is fine to learn a process but you have to be careful because step by step how I did my layout can have advantages and disadvantages .


  • You can maybe learn tricks and ways you never did before.
  • It’s fascinating to see other peoples process ( I love that)
  • But how to  part from that?
  • How to learn to create the same process in YOUR own style?


So this quote reminded me of that , I want glimpses inside the artist process  I don’t want people telling me what to do, that’s why as  paper scrapper I never liked classes where everyone has the same layout or project. I want to learn how to expand the artist view into my own.


More to come..


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