I can’t believe my new home is finally here. I had 7 years blogging at blogger and that blog saw many  phases of my life, the card phase,  the paper phase, the teaching phase, me becoming a mom phase than my break and overwhelming phase so many phases.

This hobby never let me down, but sometimes we need transformation. We need to discover what we really like, what make us happy  otherwise our hobby consume us and bring us stress and unhappiness.

I realized I had to transform the way I was creating and this is not new: in the very beginning of my blog I was a card maker that then decided to document her stories even before I had kids although not as much as I would like.

Circumstances of life made me want to take a break  and that is ok too: re evaluate things.

When I decided to come back I was not satisfied with my blog, it didn’t reflect the place I wanted my content and all things to help this community to be. It was not a home.

I’m proud of myself that I built this alone from nothing so mistakes will happen but they are making me learn.

I did a pre lunch Freebie  for my newsletter subscribers. But why in a newsletter?.

I will  give some freebies for my readers but I’d like to give something more special to people who really support me reading what I have to say and trusting my content and not just coming for the free stuff.

What can you expect



I want to create things to help digital designers and paper scrappers or art journalers to create. I want to help people to write more in their pages paper or digital I struggle with the same things so we will learn together.

If you use any of my freebies please share and I can highlight it here. Like my friend Mrs. Peel, you can check her beautiful pages at The – Lillypad. I sent my freebies to her and I was blown away but what she did.

mrspeel sample

This  is my first free pack


You can sign up  HERE to get it.

But if you’re coming here I hope you will follow me and come back to my new house I have a freebie for you.

bird freebie

This is a download with a png one with the word art and one without. You can print or use in your art journals.


So I hope you join me and we can make memories together, I’m so grateful for this community and for everything I learned with this hobby.

Thank you


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