New Digital Scrapbooking Webinar for artist layouts and templates

Last week I did a FREE webinar for NBK Design.

I still have to finish 2 layouts I covered there but this is one

digital artistic layout

What did we learn in this webinar:

How to stack one picture in photoshop elements using an artistic digital scrapbooking template. I used on this webinar Photoshop Elements 15.

How to use storybook templates

How to Merge blendable masks and create a seamless blending

Step by step how I created the layout above and the blending.

To learn more about future webinars there are many ways to follow me and know

Check info at NBK Design Webinar page

My New Facebook Group .

We also stream live at NBK Design Facebook Page.


I also have a new resource at my Library

Soon I will have a tutorial on ideas how to use my textures.  Sign up below to have access.

Enjoy the recording of the webinar.

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