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One more tutorial for you : How to use Painterly overlays. I did this

I did this tutorial on NBK Design Facebook Page.

I’m creating in her Facebook Page tips and techniques on how to use NBK Design products in your digital scrapbooking pages for Photoshop Elements and Photoshop.

These Techniques will help you to use the most of your digital scrapbooking kits overlays and textures, and really help you to create a new look in your layouts.

Helping you to use the most of your digital scrapbooking kits.

These overlays are basically like textures but they give a painted look while textures give a grunge or older look.

How can you use them?

  • Use them with opposite kinds of paper: solids and pattern, painted with grunge.
  • Use different blend modes
  • use different opacities and fill
  • blend them with masks and or gradients if you think they are too strong.
  • Try try try


In the video, I’ll give you ideas and show you how to do that. Get some ideas also from the Paper Blender tutorial.

The goal in digital design and digital scrapbooking is to learn how to mix and match your products.

By doing that we can make unique elements and touches in our pages and not just to create the way the designer created the digital kit.

To use overlays and textures help your page to have a realistic look and diversity in your creations and creates as well interest appeal when people  look at them. play and experiments and see from the techniques I show which one you like most.

Play and experiment and see from the techniques I showed you which one you like the most.

Digital scrapbooking kits many times have one design in mind or theme, products like overlays and textures help us to diversify the kit we bought making possible to use them over and over.

Make sure to join my Facebook Page so you get to see the tutorials as soon as I make them. Enjoy the video. (make sure to change to HD resolution)



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