Speed Paint Tutorial in Photoshop CC 17

Another speed paint tutorial in my series. Speed Paints are not a step by step tutorial but rather a speed of the painting process in Photoshop. If you are curious how a paint is done that’s a good way to know in a short amount of that how the process is done.

You can see in the video that 2 essential things are used when doing painting in Photoshop:

  • Dynamic Brushes that would include in this case tpl brushes, pattern stamp tools, and mixer brushes.
  • Transfers or artsy bits and pieces or some paint included in kits.
  • Styles and sometimes textures.


Supplies used in this painting:

NBK Design:

Dynamic Brushes and styles from Road trip, Mixer brushes, artsy bits and pieces and brush mix.

All can be found here.

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Enjoy the Video





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