New Set of Free Textures

I have a new freebie coming soon to my newsletter, one of them is a set of 5 painted textures and as always one of my drawings.

I’m trying to make this freebies really useful for you and will soon be helping you further on how to use them.

I decided to change somethings on my blog and including the new subscribers freebie which will be bigger. But don’t worry if you sign up now you will have access to that and all the previous downloads.

What are the things you can do with textures?

  1. Use as papers
  2. Use with blend modes to create interesting design
  3. Use to create painted effects
  4. Use with brushes to create blend
  5. Use to enhance color

The possibilities are really endless with textures.

I’ll ¬†also include a digital drawing which you can see me use in the video.

Sign up HERE.

After you received the first newsletter I will have a link for all the previous posts on the next regular newsletter you receive .

Enjoy the video

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