Wacom Tablet Video Series is here!

I was working really hard behind the scenes to bring to you this FREE  Wacom Tablet Series.

The series explain in more detail about Tablets and how to use them in digital scrapbooking.

All the time while I’m teaching digital scrapbooking there is always a question about tablets.

In my opinion, if you want to take your digital art or digital scrapbooking serious a tablet is the way to go.


tablet free series

If you want to learn digital scrapbooking either in Photoshop or Photoshop elements considering a tablet is a good start for you.

Today you certainly don’t have to invest that much there is a cheaper tablet that certainly doesn’t lack in quality or capacity.

I talk about that there is a pdf with resource links where you can read even further.  I also include a simple psd file tracing guide.

  • Why Wacom?  I know there are other tablets there, but Wacom tablets are the ones with the best quality and they have been dedicated and doing this for many years. Also, the customer service is good and fast and they have a good page with help section and tutorials.
  • They also have great compatibility with Adobe products.
  • All professionals and graphic designers that do work with Adobe and Photoshop do use Wacom Tablets.
  • The price is getting better and better the lowest level now Intuos art is less than $100 .


You can read and subscribe to receive the series HERE.

I talk more about what the class is and is not about.

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I hope you Enjoy the series




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