What is Adobe Cloud and All about the new Photoshop CC 18

This is a very exciting post because  Adobe this past week released at Adobe Max all the new exciting news on their adobe cloud program.

If you don’t know what Adobe Creative  Cloud is you can check it out here at the Adobe page.

Mainly Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription program where you can have all or some or single Adobe programs paying monthly. I know it seems today everyone is doing subscriptions programs but Adobe really was a pioneer in this and at the time they received a lot of slack for it I was also skeptical.

But today I think it’s totally worth it and I’ve been paying since the beginning.

Let me tell you, in my opinion, some of the advantages of the Adobe Cloud.

  • The Photography pack is $9.99 a month which includes the price of new Photoshop CC 18 and updates from Adobe, Lightroom Classic, Adobe Bridge, Typekit, 2 GB adobe cloud storage, access to all Adobe ipad\android apps. In my opinion, I’d pay that just for Photoshop alone so to have that for all these great full programs is not, in my opinion, expensive at all. We all spend so much more day to day and if you have to buy something or even a digital scrapbook kit you would not think a lot but because it’s called subscription we tend to have a bias I believe.
  • Adobe customer service really changed after subscription, if you have CS6 right now that program is not updated anymore and with the membership, you have more ways to connect with them including live chat.
  • Photoshop made some great changes like brush organization, the cloud also offers free assets and now they acquired Kyle Webster Brushes and now have over 1500 free brushes to Photoshop all if you have adobe creative cloud.
  • They have a new Learn Panel that I’m sure they will be releasing more tutorials and help.
  • Variables Fonts which I did a video on my Community, check it out here.
  • Creative Cloud communicates between mobile apps and computer apps everything I can send to photoshop and use the iPad and stay in the Cloud and I have access to libraries in Photoshop windows/libraries


Photoshop Big update

Brush Tool presets now is just Brush and Brush Settings.

You can now drop your tpl brushes to Photoshop and will automatically convert to Brush Settings and put them automatically in a group, folders are called group.

I actually did a pdf with my video

You can get the free pdf I will deliver to your Facebook Messenger here. Type: “cc18”


I think this new update and the new Photoshop can really take your digital scrapbooking and digital artsy creations to the next level.

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