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Something that I will start doing here is trying to show a little bit about the process as I post layouts before I would just post layouts and supplies and I don’t think that helps a lot. It is not possible to create a video for every single layout I do but shots of layers and some steps by steps helps.

Something that I like to and it’s something commonly used is extraction and I particular like the effects of things hiding behind others. In this case something that is one of tools in photoshop I could never leave without would be layer mask, they do so much !

Here I used for the extraction I do with the quick selection tool and I open the extraction with a layer mask because than you always can  tweak a little or modify something . Also I did a copy of the big star and moved one to the front and the one to the back and with a layer mask I masked the front one to pretend it was hiding I used a soft brush on the edges so it would not be harsh.

I also to finish with a great effect I separated the shadow layer (just in PS) and used the warp tool to make the shadow of the star really stand out.

My picture was edit in Lightroom first than I take to photoshop and when I close it goes back to LR without effecting my picture because LR never touches the original which is awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 11.23.32 AM


Supplies :

NBK Designs

January Collection Paper Mixed Media
December Collection Solids
January Collection Toolbox winter
Loopilalloza December
Geoart glitter style

Every day life artsy frames
Everyday life magic lights
February Word arts

Jimbo Jambo Once upon a starry night,Anna Aspnes Magic Sprinklez 3
Anna Aspnes, Urban Stitchez Camera
2tinyturtles – about a boy


If you have questions let me know.

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