Digital Scrapbooking: All about Blend Modes

How to use them

First of all, I hope you’re enjoying this back to basics I’m creating to help you understand the fundamental pieces that help you to create a digital scrapbook layout in Photoshop and/or Photoshop Elements.

Blend Modes are in my opinion one of the most powerful things in Photoshop after layer mask.

A number of things you can create go beyond this video. But, this is just the foundation of many things I can teach in the future about blend modes.

Blend modes are non-destructive:

Blend modes basically sit on top of your picture but not really destroying any pixel or changing them unless you flat the layers.

Blend modes are like equations:

Think about paper + paper with blend mode = new paper

Things you can use blend modes with:

  • duplicate your picture and change blend modes and you’ll give your picture a different look.
  • Use with papers and change completely their color or texture.
  • Use with shapes
  • Use with elements
  • Use with extracted pictures
  • and beyond of what this post could imagine 🙂


It’s very important in order to start creating digital artsy layouts or composite layouts to really understand what the tool means and does so when you think about creating a page you know what tool will get closer to the result you want.

I also have a pdf guide that goes with this tutorial


Just go to and type: blend

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I also did an extra digital scrap tutorial in my community. Join HERE

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I did some extra tips with blend modes using brushes, explaining blend modes with brushes.

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Painting with filters and textures

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Enjoy the tutorial

If you have questions and/or suggestions let me know in the comments

Jana Oliveira






Blend Modes Tutorial and how to get started with them with PS CC 18 Jana Oliveira shows in this video tutorial to use in your digital art, digital scrapbooking and digital composite
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