How to use Textures in Digital Scrapbooking

Textures are an important topic in digital scrapbooking. Why?

Because they bring to digital scrapbooking pages realism and a  paper looking like effect that we all want on our pages. The same effect that makes people wonder if your page is paper or digital.

I’m going to show you today 5 ways that you can apply textures to your pages.

  • Use Digital Scrapbooking Papers: Many papers have textures that when combined with blend modes can give your pages a settle texture using blend modes like overlay or soft light.

You can see in this picture I used a paper ( NBK Design Dear Diary Solids) .







photo with paper texture

  • Use overlays: overlays can be used to give texture to backgrounds or pictures. Use color overlay adjustment layer to give them color and blend them in the background.

blended texture

  • Blend overlays with pictures to give a grungy look with the help of blend modes.

grungy texture

  • Use Styles to give your background and papers realistic textures.

styles for textures

  • Brushes: use brushes that already are grungy and have texture. You can give background textures, you can use them to create masks that are texturized and you can blend them on top of photos to create your own overlay textures

texture brushes

Mix everything together: styles, brushes, overlays and give your pages some dimension.

Here are some tutorials I did  on this topic:


How to use texture paper video

How to create Textures with paper

How to use Overlays and texture brushes together

Products used on the preview pictures are from NBK Design




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