Digital Art Vs Digital Artsy Scrapbooking

I thought I’d  do a more educational content to start building that foundation and misconception that some people maybe have knowing the difference between all kinds of digital art and digital artsy scrapbooking.

Digital Art and Digital Composite

Most of the time this two kinds of digital art use different things but they concentrate mostly on what people call Fine Art which is related to Photography Art.

Most Photographers that do fine art use Photoshop and a lot of textures to create scenes to their creations.

Digital art  characteristics:

  • stock photo
  • textures
  • masking
  • light and adjustment levels
  • Fractals

Digital Composite characteristics:

  • extraction
  • stock photos
  • create an alternative universe or place
  • fantasy
  • elements
  • simple level masking


digital art page

digital composite

Where does digital artsy and artistry can blend with this?

Digital Artsy :
  • uses a lot more brushwork
  • textures brushes
  • styles
  • filters
  • textures
  • it works with personal and stock photos

It’s more towards the Artsy painted look.

digital scrapbook

Does it mean that is not possible to create Digital Scrapbooking with an Artsy Style?

Absolutely we can.

These are some examples

digital artsy

digital scrapbooking

As you can see Artsy pages have space for Journaling and sometimes we can let all our great elements speak for us.

Don’t be afraid to use your selfies in an artistic way.

digital art

In this layout, for example, I started playing with a boring selfie at my phone and use that to write my main message and later finished with more paints and some elements that had a connection to my message.

As you can see Digital Art can work for scrapbooking, so if you’re inclined to something more artistic don’t think that to tell your stories it has to be clean traditional.
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Jana Oliveira


In this video, Jana Oliveira explains the difference and examples of digital art and digital artsy scrapbooking. #digitalscrapbooking #digitalscrapbook
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