Digital Artsy Layouts + Let’s stop Learning Overwhelm

It’s hard to believe January is coming to an end. I wanted to share some layouts I did this moth as my round-up so far.

Also, I wanted to talk about Overwhelm, we’re talking at the school about overwhelmed when we have a new place full of things to learn can overwhelming and because it’s a community we feel pressure to do what others are doing.

I decided to do a video on the Facebook Free Community HERE.

What I’ve learned in my years of learning, finding my style, creating and now teaching is that we can’t compare ourselves to others. We’re our own unique self with our own creative talents.

We are all different and that what it makes what we create, teach, produce  UNIQUE.

We all have things we like and don’t like, elements we use over and over others we don’t. But we have to be realistic when comparing ourselves to other creators and especially in this industry with creative team people. Their job is to do the best to showcase products. Not wrong or right, It’s just a job.

Do not compare your style to anyone do not think everyone has it easy.

Concentrate on one thing at a time, one page at a time, and to learn WHAT YOU LIKE TO DO.


So take the pages I’m going to show as inspirations or maybe future goals to learn.

digital scrap pocket page

Supplies: Lynn Grieveson Templates and kits.

Starting to fulfill my goal to document some trips and outings. Still way more to go but my goal is to get 2017 done.

digital scrapooking art journal

I did this with some Viva Artistry Design  

This month in the school we were talking about art journal and textures and some students wanted some more ideas with Viva Artistry kits. I used the same kit as the student got so I could give direct ideas.

digital art journal

Supplies: On a Whimsical Adventure

Some pages of reflection on the new year are something that I do most of the years. If you need more ideas on how to journal on artsy pages make sure to check the recording of this webinar. HERE

digital artistry

Supplies: Fox squirrel

This is more an artistry page as I was playing with some things prepping for next month at the school as we’re talking about brushes.

Supplies: On a Whimsical ADventure

Another one from my tons of pictures I take from Snoopy he is very photogenic.

Things you can get ideas from the pages:

  • colors
  • textures
  • style of pages
  • design of the pages
  • stories

Get inspired and make it your own.

I have a new FREE Webinar coming up : All about brushes in Photoshop CC

brushes photoshop cc


I’d love to know what have you been creating and if you get overwhelmed from time to time.

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Jana Oliveira

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