How to use Adjustment Layers in Photoshop CC

Moving along the tutorial on how to learn Photoshop CC for you Digital scrapbook layouts or digital art creations.

Today we’re talking about adjustment layers, as I said in the video this is not going to be the first tutorial I will do because we have to talk about all 4 sections. But it’s a good overview to get us started.

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

  • Overall what are adjustment layers
  • How to use adjustment layers to change colors of things
  • Adjustment layers to change color tones in photographs
  • Use brushes with adjustment layers
  • use adjustment layers to create texture on your pictures.

adjustment layer panel

What are the advantages of adjustment layers:

It’s non-destructive, every time you add a adjust layer because adjustment layers have attached to them a layer mask.

To Remember: if you don’t clip the adjustment layer to the layer you want to change it will affect the whole layout.

I created a workbook to help you not just to know what is adjustment layer that the video will help you, but I created some questions for you to think about and learn what kind of different things you can create with it.

This was my final layout from the tutorial

digital scrapbook layout


I can’t wait to see what you come up with a share in the comments if you create something. Think about all the different ways you can use the adjustment layers that I created there.

Adjustment layers can really make a huge difference in our digital artsy scrapbooking creations or any type of digital art and composite you want to do.


Jana Oliveira

digital scrapbook school



Video Tutorial: how to use adjustment layers in Photoshop CC
Learn how to get started with adjustment layer for your digital scrapbook and all digital art creations
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