Digital Scrapbooking Video Tutorial: Drop Shadows Part 2


In this video tutorial, I’m using warp and the smudge tool. Why are they beneficial?

They take your layout further with more realistic shadow effect. It helps to keep things looking flat in your digital creations.

First how to use the warp tool:

  • Use a single fx drop shadow (if you don’t know what that means check my first tutorial link at the end of this article). I like to use mommyish drop shadows.
  • Create a layer of the shadow style (first tutorial)
  • Cmd/Ctrl T right click on the object
  • click Warp
  • manipulate the points as you would like the shadow to look


Using the smudge tool:

  • Make sure you’re using a soft round brush
  • with the shadow layer selected  and uncheck sample all layers
  • softly tuck the shadow underneath the element you’re doing
  • make sure to go carefully
  • I like to use this tool just an extra touch at the end of my shadow manipulation


This tools can take your digital scrapbooking and digital art to the next level so your elements won’t look flat or not realistic.

Shadow really helps the eye and it’s what gives your layout or digital art a professional “well-done” look.

I used in this examples pieces of 52 inspirations from Oscraps.

Tip: these manipulations are easier if you are using a Wacom tablet. I recommend getting started with Wacom Intuos Art the cheapest. I have an FREE TABLET MINI-SERIES  even though I’m showing the Intuos pro I explain why Tablets are important.

PS. Amazon links are affiliate which means this blog receives a commission if you buy but not if you just click.


 You can check my previous tutorial:  How to Create Drop Shadows part 1.


Enjoy the tutorial,




Make sure to check my next advanced filters class coming to Scrapaneers.


Jana Oliveira








In this video tutorial, Jana Oliveira shows how to create drop shadows with warp tool and the smudge tool for your digital creations and digital scrapbooking in Photoshop CC
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