Distress Fx app Overview Video Tutorial


I have an updated video of one of my favorite apps: Distress Fx.

If you are not aware I’m an app addicted related to art and photo manipulation. I’m really going to start updating the ones I did before and show you here new ones

that I’m in love with.

Apps have the possibility to cut you time, you can create art anywhere and also it’s a huge part of my Digital Artsy Scrapbooking I use them today to create effects on my photos

to do my pages more than using photoshop, actions or plugins for it.


What is Distress Fx?


Distress Fx is an iPhone app that has the possibility to apply overlays and textures to your pictures so the possibilities and the number of combinations are really endless. I love the fact that now

birds in this new update you can actually buy more textures before we were limited to the fixed amount of textures they had. Also that the bird’s overlays are now stand alone feature I think

that was a great idea.

They have a home page where you can see examples and a beautiful gallery of creations with the app.


Textures have great possibilities in digital artistry :

  • they are great to create different tons of colors in your pictures
  • you can use them together
  • blend pictures from the app one with overlays one with textures and see the results
  • save pictures with textures
  • save pictures with overlays
  • Experiment and play


I hope you enjoy the video









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