Dynamic Brushes Video Tutorial

This was a video I did live at my Facebook Page if you  are not in my page yet consider visiting . I’m starting to do some more live videos with quick tips.

This video is a  quick introduction to Dynamic Brushes.

dynamic brushes

Digital Scrapboking is great because we can use many tools to learn how to use Photoshop and Photoshop elements.

Brushes are one the tools to get started with digital scrapbooking.

If you want to learn digital scrapbooking the artsy way brushes are a must and soon you will be addicted to them.

Don’t get afraid thinking you don’t know how to use them in photoshop elements I’m here to help and the more you try and play with them the more you will know your favorites and the ones you enjoy and the ones that are right for the project you want to get done.

Why I love dynamic brushes?

  • You are able to paint in photoshop.
  • You brush work in not static.
  • They look natural and realistic.
  • They are great to create and control photoblending.
  • They are so much fun to use !

Dynamic Brushes are ABR files that are adapted to behave similar features like TPL – Tool Preset Brushes in Photoshop.

What are Tool Preset Brushes (TPL)?

Tool Preset Brushes are superior brushes in Photoshop that can retain pressure and many other options that the tool preset in photoshop  offers. Photoshop brushes preset has  more than double of what Photoshop Elements offer. TPL brushes ideally will work better with a tablet. I use a Intuos Pro Wacom Tablet.

I hope you enjoy the video as always check my other tutorials to see all the Dynamic brushes from NBK Design at  my NBK Design Video Collection.  You can find all her brush tools HERE.


Enjoy the video



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