How to Create and edit Drop Shadows in Photoshop CC

One more tutorial in our road to learn Photoshop CC, I hope so far these tutorials are helping you to get more comfortable with Photoshop CC.

The video tutorial this time is a topic that is one that makes the most difference in your digital art creations or digital scrapbooking: Drop Shadows.

They can make or break your digital creation. Why are drop shadows so important for digital creation?

  • They give perspective to your layout
  • They create realism
  • They make the elements on your page grounded and so instead it won’t look like they’re floating.
  • Your page will look professional and well made and will capture the viewer’s attention.

I show in the video these differences.

You can, of course, create your drop shadows from scratch but and I show in the video how that would be. The way I  get 50% of the job done is using drop shadow styles.

Drop Shadow Styles: pre-made styles that already have specific shadows for the type of element you want to use the shadow with.

Example: shadow for a flower.

Drop shadows is an extensive topic so I’ll have a follow-up video tutorials on the topic showing how to use the extra tools in Photoshop to take your shadows to the next level.

In the video, I mention a pdf for Facebook if you are not on Facebook but would like the pdf. You can download here you’ll find in this pdf:

  • links to the shadow styles I use
  • a resume of the tutorial


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Enjoy the video

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Video tutorial by Jana Oliveira Introduction on how to create drop shadows and use drop shadow styles in Photoshop CC
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