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I have some great news I’m not part of



I was so glad that she is now at the Lillypad. I was always a fan that I could mix artsy and vintage like elements.

First Snow

My sister is here and she arrived just in time for the biggest snow fall we ever had since 2006 and it was her first time seeing snow it was really something to see a person’s reaction when they never had a chance to see what snow feels and looks like.


Lynn Grieveson Designs

Springboard 4
Igloo kit
First Lights
Blendy Brushes
Snow in January

NBK Designs Magic Lights December collection


My sister also brought with her some pictures from my early years as a baby that my mother was not really taking good care of, I was crazy to get this pictures back they are not completely in good shape so I will have to take them to be laminated.



Lynn Grieveson

Springboard 3

Miss Millie Kit

Totally Trashed Nursery

Mariko Journal Cards

First Light elements

NBK Love Forever Magic lights


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