Hi everyone

Although I’m falling behind on my midori I think it’s so much less intimidating  than planners, I’m using mostly to document here and there but more than stories I’m also documenting ideas, podcast notes or books I’m  reading. I think it’s more fun to keep track of your notes that way.

I’m doing the hybrid approach I think it’s cheaper, why that works for me

  • Digital designs can be used over and over again.
  • Hybrid is cheaper than buying planner or Midori kits.
  • I feel no pressure  because I didn’t spend money with a expensive kit.
  • I have a die cutter although many times I cut by hand.

Here is my spread:


I’ve used for this spread

Blagovesta Gosheva Pretty Little Spring Things


I plan to do a free printable soon to planners and midoris but you also can get free printables and digital designs in my newsletter.


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