How to use Gradients Maps in PS CC 

Gradients maps are one of my favorite things in the adjustment layers group. It helps tremendously to give nice effects in your digital artsy layouts but also if you just want to have some good effects in your photographs.

Gradients maps interact inside the grayscale of the picture.

Here is how Adobe Defines it:

The Gradient Map adjustment maps the equivalent grayscale range of an image to the colors of a specified gradient fill.


Ideas to use the gradient fill:

  • use the presets photoshop already has especially the photographic ones
  • take advantage of the layers masks that come with every gradients map
  • use a gradient inside the mask of the gradient map
  • use gradients maps with blend modes
  • stack gradient maps and blend modes

Experiment with papers in your digital scrapbooking. Many possibilities to mix and match with previous adjustment layers we have been learning here.

I also had a cool bonus video in my facebook group if you’re not there you can join here

In this bonus video, I showed how to use textures and blurs to make some really cool effects with pictures.

All these tools combined will take your photography and your digital scrapbooking or digital artsy layouts to next level.

Gradients maps will also work great with our previous tutorial about Color Look Up Tables

Check that HERE, if you missed that.

The students at the school have been very brave and active in their exercises from techniques they are learning check it out

Enjoy the tutorial as always if you create something to share and if you have suggestions let me know.



How to use Gradients Maps video tutorial  to create effects with our digital artsy scrapbooking
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