How to Use Photo Filters in Photoshop CC

One more of the Adjustment layers¬†tutorial, this one can be very handy.¬†I don’t get to see many people using photo filters in Photoshop but they can really give some nice look to your photos.

As always the nice thing from adjustment layers is that they have a layer mask I know that sounds like a broken record but layer masks do really help you with a lot of flexibility and potential.

How does Photo Filters help your digital scrapbooking?

Photo filters improve your photos in your digital scrapbooking layouts. So it can save your time and do not break the bank with other plugins.

Combine that with previous tutorials I had here as color look table or gradients maps it can really take your digital layouts to another level.

Some ideas to use your photo filters:

  • Stack Filters
  • Mixed them with Blend Modes
  • Use the mask to your advantage to control where you want the filter to apply.

To make sure you know how to mix and practice this tutorial I did a Photoshop CC Guide & Workbook to guide you make sure to get at the end of the post.

The recording of my Intro to Brushes Webinar is ready for you You can watch it here.

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Enjoy the video



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How to use Photo Filter in Photoshop video tutorial for your digital artsy scrapbooking with Jana Oliveira #digitalscrapbook #digitalartsy
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