How to Use  Styles in Photoshop CC

If you are on the roadmap to learn Photoshop CC especially if you are transitioning from Photoshop Elements.

Styles are one of my favorites things to use in Photoshop CC.

If want to learn how to learn digital scrapbooking from photoshop elements to photoshop cc,

this tutorial you’ll show you the key points to get started.

Styles are unique because you can change the look of elements, text, and background in one click.

It helps creating your digital scrapbooking layouts or digital art layouts faster.

What would be things you can create?

  • Apply textures to your backgrounds
  • Apply textures to your word arts or fonts
  • Use Drop shadows in your elements easy
  • A realistic look at your elements like fabric, veneer etc..
  • Create effects easily like gold, water, embossing.

The most amazing thing about styles is that combined with the brushes it really gives them an artistic look.

digital scrapbooking


In this layout, you can see the difference and the impact that can give your word art.  Metal Styles  are one of my favorites  styles. (metal style showed from Mommyish)

Think outside the box with styles

Things to think about:

  • Combine them with masks, rasterize them to blend. A lot of possibilities.
  • Know your stash: Get to be familiar with your favorites styles and how you would use them . It’ll save time when thinking about what the

artistic design you want to create.

  • You can organize them by texture,  effects and things like that.


If you want to get the same textures I give at the end if you don’t have it yet you can check this post.




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Jana Oliveira

How to use Styles with Photoshop CC  in this video tutorial we show how to get started in Photoshop Cc with styles and how are they different from Photoshop Elements. #digitalscrapbook #digitalscrap #photoshopcc #photoshopekements
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