All about Wacom Tablets  – How they can help your digital creations.

I’m a huge fan of Wacom tablets. Not just because they are the best in the market but because they really step it up your art.

In my opinion, these are the reasons why Wacom Tablets are so good:

  • They are healthier for your hands, wrist, and shoulders: if you have carpal tunnel problems or wrist pain or should pain like me.
  • If you like brushing and extraction you can do a better job because you can do your extraction more realistically and with more precision.
  • Pressure sensitivity will give you that more realistic look and feel we want about digital creations.
  • A tablet will help you get you started with digital scrapbooking or digital creations with the right routine and user interaction with Photoshop.


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Which one should I start with?

I would start with the digital art (pen,draw) line that is the cheapest line so you get used to them it does take time to get used to it and you have to commit of using it. But after you’ll see it becomes natural to your and you wonder why you ever used a mouse in Photoshop.

You can read all about the Intuos line HERE.

I’d buy from Amazon because it’s the cheapest price.

I have the Intuos pro also as you’ll watch the video the pen is larger on the Intuos pro and because the surface is different you can use different material pen nibs.

I really love my Wacom tablets and it helps me tremendously to my shoulder pain and gives me a pleasure to use brushes.

If you have questions or suggestions let me know in the comments.

This video I did about painting with Photoshop shows a great example how tablets are useful

Check it out 

Enjoy the video!


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In this video tutorial, Jana Oliveira shows the difference between Intuos Art and Intuos pro and why they are beneficial for  your  digital scrapbooking and digital art #digitalscrapbook #tablets
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