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hi everyone

Here is the video of the wacom intuos Art, it’s  very reasonable  priced to get started as it’s $100 . Because if you’ve never used a tablet it can be  a little frustrating in the beginning I’m not going to lie. It’s not like a mouse but I believe if you stick to it you will soon prefer it instead of a mouse but you have to cross the uncomfortable line because your hand and your brain is used to the mouse to use the computer. But if you are just using to draw or to use in PS it’s faster because then you just have to get used to the connection between you eyes and the tablet on the table.

I use to draw the Basic Brushes on Photoshop or

Key’s Brushes but a warning his brushes are all designed to work with a pen tablet.


This girl was create with

Just Jaimee Storyteller 2016

Just Jaime mixed media Circle Brushes

Quick Heart Super Duper Elements

My free Doodle page you can download here


You download the girl I draw I put the PSD file for you so you can play more if you have wacom or use her on art journal page.


Please share if you create something with it.

Happy New 2016 for everyone !


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